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LIFT Academy Award Winner - LIFE Lifter 2010-2011

Keynote Speaker - Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit- San Diego

Peak Performance and Success Coach

NLP Master

Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner

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My Coaching Style

I am well aware that many coaching web sites actually read the same, this is with good reason as coaching is essentially core to some key values. I am sure you know now that coaching is about moving a person from where they are now to where they want to be and I guess that you have begun to explore coaching based on the fact that you want change to happen but are unsure how to make that change on your own.
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In the words of others...
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My role as your coach is to help you use the expertise you have about yourself to really move yourself forward and make the changes in your life that you have always wanted to make. So how can I persuade you, from all the coaching websites, to choose me? In truth I can't, that is only a decision that you can make based on what you have read and a sense that you get now that we can work together. My coaching style is very direct and challenging and is not based around one size fits all. Everyone comes to coaching as an individual and I treat you as such.
Be The Answer
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I am also aware that you are paying good money for results and these you will experience from our first session. Typically the average number of sessions is 6, and then both of us will together assess the next steps. I would urge you not to come to me if you are seeking a magic pill or for me to give you the answers. My skill is in helping you overcome the barriers that you sense are in your way, changing the limiting beliefs that you may have and the current mind set you are working with. Together we will make a future that you want with such a passion that turning it from simply a dream to a reality becomes fun and exciting, making your could have's and should have's into must have and will have.
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I offer you the opportunity to work with someone who is impartial, non-judgemental and inspirational but I am bound to say that am I not, a true measure of my coaching process comes from those that have experienced it so please visit a few of my testimonials and read for yourself the words of others.
  The choice is now yours, if the changes you wish to make are ones you can make on your own then why haven't you? Remember you have come to coaching for a reason so if not now ......... when?
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