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I contacted David Jessop following a recommendation from a friend, while I was on sick leave from work. I had been struggling with deciding what direction my career should take for a while and had lost any enthusiasm for my job as a teacher. David and I spoke on the phone but, while he made a lot of sense, I didn't feel that I could justify the money. So I carried on struggling for 8 months. After this time I decided that my happiness and we'll being was worth the money and made an appointment with David. I haven't regretted that decision. 8 months and 6 sessions later I am a different person. Within half that time people were noticing a difference in me, especially at work. I had rediscovered my direction, was working more effectively than before and was so much happier. Talking to David resonated like nothing ever had before. I found myself replaying his words in my head whenever I needed to. I found that I was speaking out more because I had the confidence to do so. I began taking more risks. When I am asked now whether I like my job, I can honestly answer that I love it. And even more importantly, I am better at it! Thanks David.

I have been afflicted with low to zero self-esteem and self-confidence for many years. Although no-doubt inter-related, the causes are various and complex and go back a very long way. I long ago developed a propensity to berate myself harshly, irrationally, for minor or wrongly perceived transgressions. The impact this has had on my life is difficult to quantify, but what I can say is that the symptoms have been debilitating. Although I have attempted to deal with these issues at various times using different approaches, they all proved unsuccessful. Not so long ago I was continuing to stumble along at a very low ebb, suffering the same-old-same-old, seeing no way out of the mire. David came highly recommended to me. But I wasn’t sure what a Life Coach actually did, or what David could do for me. A lot - as it happens. We had a number of sessions, discussions and some analysis; some soul-searching. I found the experience challenging, interesting, and rewarding. And now I find myself exerting a degree of control in the way I feel and conduct my life that has been absent since . . . since I can’t remember, actually. This has not happened by accident, but by design. David is the facilitator, encouraging me to investigate and question why I have been allowing myself to be conditioned by negativity, by past events, by thoughts and patterns of behaviour that are no longer relevant; most of which never were. We discussed ways of referencing these issues, and that made them . . . actionable. And all it took to begin was just the willingness, the openness, to help David - help me - help myself. Simple as that. Although the journey continues, I couldn’t have found the way forward without David’s considerable expertise and incisiveness. Furthermore, even though we have not met face to face, I know he cares. Thank you David.

Simply life changing.
Antonio Came in to see me the other day specifically to thank me so much - he felt the need to (repeatedly) thank me and how he was transformed from sceptic to overwhelmed in 1 session and could he do it again because it's "genuinely changed his life" Cheryl was grinning from ear to ear and Ibrahima clearly amazed Given the impact I would like to say thank you for the course and would like to progress things for future delivery. Thanks again for the course and it's success
Iain Morgan ESF Contracts Manager

I met David through my place of work and initially had been very skeptical. Like many others I guess I felt the title "Life Coach" a little unnecessary and certainly didn't see that I needed to have one, I was doing fine just plodding along. From that first I have been on highs that make me feel I could take on the world, and win, and lows that have had me questioning myself, and what I have been doing with my life. I have really thought about where I am and where I am going, more in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years.I know I can't change everything overnight and I was never promised miracles by David but through these sessions I have been able to get focus back into my life, I am now thinking about where I want to be and how I will get there.
A huge Thank You to you David, some people just seem to have the ability to make things better and you are one of those people. I am sure that for those people whose lives you have touched your words and actions will stay with them forever, I know they will for me.

Alison, Freelance Associate Producer
"Over the coaching sessions with Dave I achieved so much that I didn't believe possible before, including buying a house, getting a promotion and pay rise and negotiating working from home. Although these are fantastic achievements in such a short space of time, they are nothing compared to the fact that I've got my self-esteem back. I no longer feel depressed and pointless and I've got my trademark giggle back which I hadn't heard for years"

Amanda Arnold. Assistant Head teacher
My first session with Dave was one of surprise and enlightenment; I was working in a very stressful situation but it wasn't until I began talking with Dave that I realized it didn't need to be that way.
Now don't get me wrong this epiphany didn't come in one session, but through focused questioning, this was not easy at first, but then it became empowering
Dave has such a positive air about him. He helped me to acknowledge my achievements and move me forward through discussion and encouragement! Once I found this inner strength I became more confident in many situations, not just at work.
I am now able to approach situations more assertively and control my feelings to ensure I get the most out them.
Dave has helped me to remove the emotional obstacles that prevented me being the person I could me. He does not provide the answers, but the tools needed to reach them yourself. I have found this to be far more beneficial as I have come to understand myself on a new and higher level. Through his guidance and encouragement I have found my "inner child" and begun enjoying the little things in life again with guilt free pleasure and be a happier more emotionally secure person. I am now well on my journey and have enjoyed learning about myself, and my relationships with those around me so much and I know it will make me a stronger person and I thank Dave for that!

D MacDonald, Gloucestershire
Before David's coaching I felt unsure of how to proceed, both in my home life and in setting up my business. My confidence was at an all time low and my motivation was poor. I had started to doubt myself in all areas and needed help in getting out of a rut. From the very first session with David, I started to see things in a more positive light. He helped me remember my previous successes and this lead to a growing feeling of confidence in my abilities which has been growing and growing ever since.As a direct result of coaching I have moved into a new house, have opened up an office in Cheltenham and feel that my old confident and happy personality has started to resurface. I am now motivated and excited about the future and have no doubts that starting a programme of coaching with David was what helped me move forward.

Robin - Senior Partner
"Someone I know recommended David's coaching to me. At the time I lacked self esteem, was experiencing moods swings and was struggling with some important relationships. During my 6 sessions I was encouraged to articulate the "goals" I wanted to set myself as I changed my perspective. Through strong questioning and guidance I was then stimulated to achieve these objectives through my own Endeavour.
The sessions helped me a lot at the time. Crucially, they also taught me how to seek objectivity in the way I approach my life. As a result I have gone on using the things I learnt and they are still helping me now. I don"t give myself such a hard time these days and, as a consequence, feel much calmer and happier in my outlook. This has helped me in both my personal and professional lives."

Julian Management Consultant
"Many thanks for the Life Coaching sessions which I found really inspiring. I have found myself totally in charge of my life due to your coaching. I would certainly recommend your services to other friends and colleagues who couldn't see the wood for the trees"
Julian Management Consultant

Tricia Bellamy PA to Principal
"The goals were all my own work - breaking them down into achievable steps was where Dave came in. He also pointed out that it was OK to have fun along the way!!"

Claire, Training Advisor
"I found it impossible to lead a normal life, even something as simple as going grocery shopping resulted in panic attacks. I was not in control of my life and could not find a way out. The first time I met David I was a mess, how I held it together is a testament to how calming David is. I used to be happy, bubbly and outgoing but somewhere I had lost how that felt, David encouraged me to remember and has shown me techniques for keeping those feelings. I recommend David highly. If you don"t believe my words give yourself an hour with him and you soon will."

Denise, Clinical Supervisor
"Just wanted to say thank you for the 6 sessions of Life Coaching I had with you.
After feeling very depressed, low, down and crying all the time, and not being able to focus on my life, I had to do something. A close friend of mine recommended that I contact Dave, it was the best thing I have ever done. I was extremely sceptical about contacting a "Life Coach" but I have to admit it worked. I started to hold my head up again, rather than walk down the road looking at the pavement. I felt better in myself, friends and people at work even started to notice the difference. I was laughing and smiling again, and enjoying my life.
The first thing I asked Dave to help me with was "Getting the real me back", I can honestly say that I have the real me back and I like her, thank you very much. Now being able to cope with life in general far better that I have ever done.
I would recommend Dave Jessop to anyone needing help in this way."
Thanks again Dave.

Helen, C,Eng. M.I. mechanical engineering
"Without David's coaching, I may well have continued to pussyfoot around problems that were causing me concern professionally and to deal with it competently. Definitely a coach I'd recommend"

Charlotte, BBC Radio Entertainment
"David has been a fantastic Life Coach. He cuts straight to the point when he asks questions, so that all obstacles are removed in taking steps towards my goals, and on top of that he is also very motivating and encouraging. I highly recommend David as a Life Coach to everyone"

Lorna, Lead Finance Manager
"At the time I met Dave I was struggling with the effects of losing my father and the need to hold myself together. My self-confidence was on the wane and I was starting to shy away from making decisions. I have no doubt that I would have declined further if I had not spoken with Dave."

Zara, Administrator, Community Drug Programme
"At my first appointment I was feeling very unsure of myself, low self-esteem and general feeling of dislike for myself. Within six sessions I have emerged (literally) with more confidence and better self-esteem. I am now very clear about relationships in my life. I am putting into practice positive rather than negative feelings about my life and myself"



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