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Why a Coach and not a good friend or family?
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Simple question, simple answer - friends don’t challenge your self perception. It’s not their job. An outstanding coach does. Good friends and family often resort to giving advice, what they would do or what you should do and what they would do if they were you. All of which is well intentioned but is unavoidably distorted with ’their stuff’, their experiences, beliefs, values, prejudices.
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An outstanding coach rarely gives advice. The aim is to increase self-knowledge and illuminate some blind spots we all have about ourselves.

If you want support, comfort or advice, turn to friends or a self-help book, many people have these, maybe even you, but how many of the exercises contained with-in have you really completed successfully, whole heartedly and in a committed fashion?


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If you want to explore why you keep repeating self-destructive patterns, why you feel inhibited at work or in life generally or why, even though everyone else seems to think you’ve ‘got it made’ you still have a sense that there must be more, then coaching may just provide some answers.


If you want to be able to make changes, take massive action, get out of your own way and actually start doing what you simply have been thinking about up until now, a Coach will help provide the how.


As a society, we spend millions on our physical well-being, from gym membership, to cosmetic surgery. We buy expensive clothes and beauty products, holidays, luxuries and ‘treats’ and yet we balk at the idea of investing in our emotional health.


Investing time and money in becoming a more insightful, more honest and stronger person may just be the best investment you have ever made, which of course you really know deep down or you wouldn’t be looking at this page looking for a coach, you’d be having a coffee with a good friend or family member or a self- help book- yet now you know the answer to the question- why a coach!

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